5G Routers

The SD WAN PRO can connect to multiple 5G routers providing a super fast, bonded 5G internet service for the most demanding, bandwidth hungry applications.

We have listed below some of our most popular, industrial 5G routers that can provide a high speed, reliable 5G Internet sonnection aand connect to the SDWANPRO device to provide one or more of the legs for the bonded internet service.

RAPID NR550 5G Router

NR550 5G Router for SD-WAN

The Proroute RAPID NR550 isa multi-purpose, high speed, industrial 5G router designed to provide hi speed 5G mobile broadband Internet for M2M, home and office.  The NR550 5G router is also ideal for use with the SD WAN PRO bonded 5G Internet solution to deliver rapid 5G Internet.

H685 5G Router

H685 5G Router for SD-WAN

The H685 5G Router from proroutre is a compact, industrial grade 5G router with single SIM slot delivering a robust, reliable and secure 5G internet connection for M2M remote management and monitoring and can be used as one of the Internet Legs when connected to the SD WAN PRO Device and can form part of the SD-WAN bonded internet service.

Zyxel NR5101


Zyxel NR5101 is a consumer 5G router with single SIM Slot and WiF6 as well as 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports.  

Teltonika RUTX50 5G Router


The RUTX50 Industrial 5G router from Teltonika features WiFi6 wireless hotspot (802.11AX) along with 5 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports and dual SIM for SIM failover.  The RUTX50 router uses the Teltonika RUTOS WebGui providing a wide range of features and also works with the Teltonika RMS remote management system.